About AHRA

Advancing Human Rights Accountability (AHRA) is comprised of a set of University of Oxford projects in collaboration with global partners, each one oriented toward improving victims' access to truth, justice, reparations, and guarantees of non-recurrence.

The Corporate Accountability and Transitional Justice (CATJ) project joins Oxford, Dejusticia (Colombia), and CELS and ANDHES (Argentina). The collaboration aims to make visible abuses carried out by economic actors during authoritarian and conflict periods and to seek justice for those abuses. The collaboration has developed a database of direct and indirect abuses carried out by businesses and economic entities, a research manual, a set of examples of successful accountability strategies, and in-country workshops to address victims' rights. The project is expanding to NGOs in other parts of the world.

Overcoming Impunity for Post-Transition Disappearances (OID) works with academics in Mexico (FLACSO) and Brazil (UNIFESP) in collaboration with NGOs and victims' groups to draw attention to the continued disappearances even after transitions from authoritarian rule. In addition to documenting the abuses, the project examines patterns of perpetration and impunity in an effort to advance victims' rights.

The Right Against Rights (RagR) project has a broad interdisciplinary focus that will allow it to explore the reasons behind the growth of right-wing movements in Latin America that threaten disorder in fragile democracies.