Corporate Accountability in Transitional Justice

About CATJ

The Corporate Accountability and Transitional Justice (CATJ) Project joins Oxford, Dejusticia (Colombia), and CELS and ANDHES (Argentina). The collaboration aims to make visible abuses carried out by economic actors during authoritarian and conflict periods and to seek justice for those abuses. The collaboration has developed a database of direct and indirect abuses carried out by businesses and economic entities, a research manual, a set of examples of successful accountability strategies, and in-country workshops to address victims' rights. The project is expanding to NGOs in other parts of the world.

This project benefits from support provided by Open Society Foundation; ESRC-IAA; ESRC-KE; and the John Fell Fund.

The CATJ database is comprised of four different sets of data: (1) judicial acts for violations by economic actors during the Holocaust; (2) truth commission final reports that include violations of human rights carried out by economic entities; (3) judicial action around the world for human rights violations by businesses carried out during armed conflict and authoritarian rule; and (4) the companies or individual businesspeople named by paramilitaries for their involvement in human rights abuses in the Justice & Peace process.

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